Sunscreen Equals Survival

I’m not sure about those reading, but sunscreen and I, are thick as thieves. I just showed my age a little there, didn’t I. I have a very pale complexion and when not sun screened, I burn and peel, end of story.

The weather has turned nice here at Deep Creek Lake, and thus the reason for the topic. I found this site, very to the point and informative. Basically it points out that shorter uvb (ultraviolet b rays) and longer uva (ultraviolet a rays) are both damaging, and you should limit yourself to sun exposure. Longer waves mean deeper tissue damage, and you may not feel it at the time. Just because you can’t feel the burn, doesn’t mean you’re not getting scorched.

Most know, they don’t like to get sunburned. It’s painful, un-attractive, and even makes a mess, as you shed damaged skin cells. I know my love for sunscreen came from my father. He too is sensitive to the sun. His father had skin cancer infecting his nose, most likely due to sun exposure. To treat it, an entire block of skin had to be removed. I like to think this is why my dad was so adamant on keeping me safe from the sun. Dad, your time applying sunscreen has paid off! I might even be worse with my daughter Mya, than he was with me. Just the other day, I put sunscreen on before we went for a drive. If the sun is out, you can count on both my daughter and I, smelling like sunscreen.

Lets put light to the questions surrounding sunscreen confusion. What do the numbers on our sunscreen bottles really mean? What other ways can we protect ourselves? What is the best sun screen on the market? Also what about those who don’t use sunscreen, because they tan, just what are they doing to their skin?

ultra defense sunscreenYou may want to take a look at this site about how stuff works. So there is some valuable reason for the numbers on sunscreen bottles. However, according to the site above, the percentage of actual sun protection is a little deceiving, after SPF 30. How they test the values is very interesting, but because there are so many variables in human tissue, it’s not 100% exact science. So pretty much, I’m right to be paranoid.  Even yet, being as being paranoid as I am, I still get the occasional burn, caused by missing a spot of skin, while applying sunscreen. So even though you think you can go all day with SPF 70, needing to only apply once, you are wrong my friend. What I gathered is, re-apply  SPF 30 every two hours of sun exposure,

Every two hours, am I crazy? Ok calm down lazy,  in case you zoned out, there is another solution, or two. Without even researching on the Internet, here are a few things I have done. Rash guards, sunhats, also complete shade, provided by an umbrella. Rash guards are commonly used by those doing water sports. These shirts are a mesh material, with built in SPF protection. They are much lighter than wearing a shirt, and dry easily after being wet. Although most wake boarders, water skiers, tubers, kayakers and other water sport individuals found in Deep Creek Lake use these tops to protect against tissue damage due to impact with the water, anyone who is smart will, to protect against tissue damage from the sun!

How does she know so much about this? Glad you asked, I worked at High Mountain Sports here at Deep Creek for a few years. So if you have any more questions, or would like to buy one, please check them out. Let them know you heard about them from here, they may even give you a high five! They also have sunhats, and other summer goodies, beyond adventure sport gear. As far as being in the shade, this is an obvious way to keep from getting sunburned, but somehow seems to be forgotten. When going to the beach at Herrington Manor, it’s always good to bring an umbrella for some shade. Especially for the most crucial hours of sun, which is 10 am to 4 pm, according to most websites.

I’m not sure there is a best sunscreen. There is however, many options. Something that might work for me, may give you a rash. It really is a trial and error sort of deal. I know I’ve tried generic, and it works but maybe not as long as the “name brand”. Which is fine for two reasons. One, being you don’t plan on being out that long, two you don’t have sensitive skin like mine, that needs sunscreen every two hours.

I’ve honestly tried most everything at this point. These are my top picks for adults, and my top picks for kids. Currently, I am using Ultra Defense Banana Boat UVA/UVB protection, with aloe vera, as well as water resistance, for up to 80 minutes. Reading the back label it also says its dermatologist tested, oil and fragrance free. So if you have sensitive skin like mine, this is the best bang for the buck! Check out their site and order now!

water babies sunscreenThey even have a men’s line. Others to look into: Neutrogena, Neiva, Hawaiian Tropic, and the generic brand called Equate. Currently for Mya, I use Coppertone Water Babies, lotion spray SPF 50. The only thing I will say is, I will be switching to their full lotion. When spraying the sunscreen, it’s extremely cold so she makes me spray it in my hands first. It ends up taking even longer than just normal lotion. Good news, the lotion is less expensive. For her, I also you a sunscreen stick, with a SPF 70, to cover her face. It’s a good habit to apply sunscreen after your morning bath, or shower. You can get it everywhere and if you’re like us, we would be applying lotion at this point regardless. With Mya, we also try to keep a sunhat on her while outside, along with her sunglasses.

As far as those, cough cough, moms not wearing any SPF, it’s foolish. True, not everyone is affected the same way from the sun. However, sun is sun. Putting off its harmful rays, aging everyone, and causing skin cancer. So the next time your putting baby oil on to look “savage” while you lay out, just take a moment and think of your alligator skin, and possible skin cancer. White is the new tan, take that summer society. I am as pasty white as one can be, and I love it! My skin is that of an early twenty year old, and I’m not in my twenties anymore!

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