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As my eyes itch, reaching the point where I must take out my contacts, and switch my glasses, I wonder if there is a way to prepare myself in advance. Just like a weather forecast, there is also a pollen count. View the local pollencast here.

amount of pollen

This site proved so informative, I spent several hours indulging, getting lost down the rabbit hole. The why and when, and how to prevent and treat allergies. The why, for the most part, we all know. Its pollen from the trees and grasses in the area. Its all but inevitable, if your body is sensitive to any air bourn substances, you might as well get allergy medicine ready for your Christmas stocking stuffers.

I’ve learned that pollen doesn’t wait till spring; it all depends on the length of the day. This makes sense, when you really think about it. Winter has shorter days, and everyone seems to be fine. I’m sure the freezing cold temperature in Deep Creek, helps as well.

This pollen calendar is very in-depth. I assume this is someone’s full time job. There are two reasons I’ve come to that conclusion. First, it’s very broken down, at least for a wooded area, like Western Maryland. Deep Creek is home to trees, grasses, and weeds. Right now, as spring slowly starts to break through the ice, activity amongst weeds and grasses is low. Deep Creek has a mix of both conifers and deciduous trees; oak, pine, and hickory, which can bring the pollen count into moderate territory, during early spring. The second reason I think someone has this as a full time job, is the fact that it says they don’t have reports for the weekends and holidays!

pollen calendar

According to the experts, there are over 20 ways to stop seasonal allergies. Some of these seemed a little ridiculous, to me personally. To save you the aggravation, and time, I will share the four I find very helpful. Wearing a mask, washing your hair at night, keeping your sinuses clean, and get HEPA filtration. I know what you’re thinking…wearing a mask, really? This is recommended, for high pollen days, when you do yard work, or gardening. Also, what’s been on my mind, is getting my flower beds done. The current pollen forecast is calling for high Thursday, but if know the Deep Creek area, if you have a nice day you take it! So thank you, the face mask advice, it will be taken.

pollen in deep creek lake mdWashing your hair at night is genius, how I’ve never thought of this before, is beyond me. Think about the day you just had. Then think of the day your hair had, (sorry to any bald men or women this doesn’t really apply to you). I know what clothes smell like after going to a smoke filled bar. All those pollen spores, just sitting on your head, held in by your hair, eventually making their way into your nostrils. I think we all can agree, this is smart.

Nasal saline sprays irrigate the sinuses. Something can’t build up, if it’s cleaned regularly. My fiancé, love him dearly, the man has more bathroom products than me. One of which, I was confused by, was a collection of saline rinses. I had a hunch he was smart, he did after all pick a great women to spend the rest of his waking days with, though I see now, he’s not OCD, he just knows how to keep himself healthy.

HEPA, not a sexually transmitted disease, just wanted to get that out there, is very important for all homeowners, when building, or moving into an existing home. Having an air conditioning unit, with built in HEPA filtration, is the most effective way to remove unwanted allergens from inside air.

However, if central air is not an option, try free-standing air cleaners in key rooms; such as the bedroom or kitchen. I would say not to rub it in, but I am, we have an environmental air changer, with built in HEPA filtration. I am glad I fell down this rabbit hole, because HEPA functions best, with fresh filters, replaced every three months. Check out Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging, a helpful local business for all things home related to heating, cooling, and saving you money on your electric bill.

To leave you with treating your allergies, it really comes down to you. Are you one to swallow a pill for every little thing? Or are you more like me? Not only do I wait till I’m so itchy and watery, that I can barely read the labels on this so called, allergy miracles bottle, I also like to whine a little. Letting it get so bad, makes me remember how good I had it. I’m also big on cheap, and refuse to spend money, just to get a name brand pill.

Please know, I have no doctorate, Heck, I only took four college courses. I am practically a stay at home mom, with an adorable two year old princess. I hope to bring you down more rabbit holes, in the future. Heaven knows during nap time, I have some crazy things going through my head, and no one to share them with. Till our next adventure, stay sneeze free my friends.

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