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It is said that Accident, Maryland came to be named from being patented as "The Accident Tract". George Deakins received 600 acres of Western Maryland land from King George II of England. Deakins sent out two different land surveyors to mark the best land within the area, but they did not know of one another. After the crews returned, they had come to realize that they both marked the exact same Oak tree at the starting and return points of their survey. Hence the reason why Deakins patented the land as "The Accident Tract". The town is now call "Accident" to this day. Go figure...

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    Power of Possibilities

    Power of Possibilities (POP) is a sequence of conferences, learning opportunities and business collaboration in the tri-state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The goal of this event series is to support small business growth and job creation and, therefore, improve the economic conditions of rural Appalachia.

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    Your Happy Tails Pet Sitting

    Your Happy Tails is a licensed, bonded, and insured premier in your home, pet sitting and canine massage service provider. We are perfect for people that prefer to have their pets remain in the luxury of their own home while their owners travel out of town or have late hours events.

    Our primary goal is to make each visit safe, fun, and rewarding for your best friend. In meeting that goal, we offer our clines an unrivaled level of service. We can relate to the bond you feel with your pet, we’re pet lovers too. We know how much it stinks to be away from them! But no worries-Your Happy Tails, LLC is here to help. Vacation plans or long hours at work, we are here to be your best friend’s new best friend!

    Your dog isn’t just another dog in the park or pet in a cage. We give one on one personalized attention, tailed to your specific requests and the needs. Need us to reinforce training? Not a problem! Want an extended dog walk in the sun? Super! Our focus will be on your pet, and your pet alone. Does your dog have special needs? No two dogs are alike. All of our services are tailored to make you and your pet happy.