The Wild Rumpus

Opening Act: Jim Truman

About The Wild Rumpus:
The Wild Rumpus have spent the last three years introducing the world to Appalachian Stompgrass through hundreds of live shows. Take the mountains, all the influences, whether they be bluegrass, blues, punk, folk or old country and roll them together and you get Appalachian Stompgrass, a breed of music that isn’t hung up on a certain label, but one that is forging it’s own brand. Appalachian Stompgrass? Yes.

On the album “304” The Wild Rumpus didn’t worry about trying to fit in. They may lead off with a high energy mountain romp (Anna Lee), go to an old time bluegrass burner (Hang Man) follow that with a reggae influenced mountain story (Logan County Line) and then immediately give you a blues lament on regret (Shoulda Done Better)… and that’s just the first few songs! The Wild Rumpus throw in punk (I’m Not Here, Sins Of The Father) and some good old swing for a change of pace (Revenue Man, Moonshine and Crosses). As you’re listening you realize your feet have been dancing and after all, ain’t that what it’s all about? Fun. Good songs. Good times. That’s how The Rumpus thinks and they hope you do too! Enjoy!

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