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The sun is shining, Garrett County is lush green and blooming and couldn't be... ...Read More


Ready for the sun filled, exciting time of your life, a busy lake season at Deep Creek? Better know your boater safety, and where the pedestrian crosswalks are. Too many times, I’ve seen on water and by road mishaps, which could easily have been avoided. Being aware of not only what you are doing, but others around you, can make this summer a safe and fun one.  ...Read More

Deep Creek Lake Fireworks

Make sure to get the best spot around Deep Creek Lake for viewing the fireworks!

sunscreen banana boat

I’m not sure about those reading, but sunscreen and I, are thick as thieves. I just showed my age a little there, didn’t I. I have a very pale complexion and when not sun screened, I burn and peel, end of story. The weather has turned nice here at Deep Creek Lake, and thus the reason for the topic. I found this site,  ...Read More

Friday Night Entertainment

Come cast your vote for which bar you think provides the better entertainment for Friday night at Deep Creek Lake, MD.

bird of MD blue-jay

“Momma, another bird!” my two year old daughter cries out, as a loud “THUD” rattles the house. That’s right, our new house, finished only four short months ago, seems to be a bird killing machine. We only wanted to have a few bird feeders, so Mya could have some “eye candy” while gazing outside. Needless to say, moving them a little further from the house, has helped a little. So no... ...Read More

pollen in deep creek lake md

As my eyes itch, reaching the point where I must take out my contacts, and switch my glasses, I wonder if there is a way to prepare myself in advance. Just like a weather forecast, there is also a pollen count. View the local pollencast here.  ...Read More

deep creek lake weather

You've planned the ultimate weekend get away and reserved a house right on the lake! Everyone has packed their swimsuits and is looking forward to boating, tubing, wakeboard, fishing, jet skiing and hangout out in the... ...Read More