Deep Creek Lake Boater Safety During Busy Season

Ready for the sun filled, exciting time of your life, a busy lake season at Deep Creek? Better know your boater safety, and where the pedestrian crosswalks are. Too many times, I’ve seen on water and by road mishaps, which could easily have been avoided. Being aware of not only what you are doing, but others around you, can make this summer a safe and fun one.

boater-safety-deep-creek-lakeI remember taking my boater safety course. It was held at our local college in a room with about thirty other eager individuals. Ages ranged in the class. Although I took it many years ago, I remember seeing what I figured was a younger teenager next to a thirty something adult. The boater safety class was an eight hour course that you could break up into two days, or there was a second option to basically spend the day there. I of course spent the day there. Wow, not only am I surprised I had the attention span for eight hours, but I also passed my first time!

There are different state laws concerning what boater’s courses or qualifications you need to have, in order to operate a boat on any Maryland waterway. Being able to take the course online has made it much easier for fellow boaters. Not only have I heard the course takes a shorter amount of time, but if you fail to pass the first time, it will be far easier to take again. If I were to have failed it when there was no online classes offered, I would have had to wait till the next time it was being held, which wasn’t very often.

When looking into getting your boater’s safety certification, check out this site. Once you take and pass the course, you never have to take it again. The link above pertains to Maryland. So if your reading this, and need your boaters license for another state, please go back to the main page and type in the correct state. This program is a three easy stepper.

  1. Step One: read the boater safety study the material.
  2. Step Two: (take a practice test first if you would like), take the test and pay the $29.50, then print out a card that can be used the same day.
  3. Step Three: in two to three weeks, you get mailed a shiny new card to keep with you when boating.

Since I already have mine, I can’t 100% tell you how this online site works, once past the first page. However, if looks count for anything, this page is very professionally done. I know there is a “grandfathered age” where they do not require you to even take this test, but how is that safe. If with age comes wisdom, I hope these individuals will take the course, to freshen up if nothing else. To be honest, I feel like it should be treated as a passport. Every ten years it should be mandatory to re-take the boaters course. It’s not that expensive and I know I would feel better if everyone on the lake knew, or had at least some idea, of what they are doing on the lake. I’m saying this as a person who wouldn’t mind freshening up on the info myself.

Now let’s briefly talk about pedestrian crosswalks. We have all most likely been on both sides of this issue. Funny how we get annoyed when driving, and having to stop for people walking. We then also get annoyed, when trying to walk, and it seems like the cars won’t stop for us. They “the man” tried to help by stating that pedestrians always have the right away when in a crosswalk designated area. Most of these suggestions are common sense, but I’ve learned not everyone has that, so take a look at this site. Please don’t worry, there is no way to find out who actually went to this site. Your secret will be Safe with us!

Please take note of where the crosswalks in Deep Creek Lake are located. One is by High Mountain Sports and Brenda’s Pizzeria. There are flashing lights when pedestrians, wanting to cross, push a button. Also this same type of system is used at Pizzeria Uno’s and Arrowhead Market. I know only two that are on the main 219 stretches. There is however a bike/walking path along the road which helps. If you need to cross at any other junction, please be careful and heed the rules listed on the pedestrian safety tips site.

Most people think about safety and having a good time in two different categories. Getting a little older and I’d like to think a little wiser; the two really do go hand in hand. People may make fun of how long it takes me to go to really any function in any situation. However, that extra 15 minutes I take to make sure I have my sunscreen, my bug spray, an extra towel or maybe a sweatshirt just in case it gets colder… really pays off. So I may treat everyone like my child, but its only because I care. So be safe on the lake and when crossing the busy road. I want your summer experience to be so amazing that you want to come back before next summer!

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