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Weekend Happenings

deep creek lake evening sky sunsetThe sun is shining, Garrett County is lush green and blooming and couldn’t be more serene. If you are looking for something to do this weekend other than relaxing by the lake – check out some area happenings:
*Tri State Festival, Auction & Cruise-In Friday and Saturday at the Fair grounds
*Little Yough Summer Music Festival on Friday in Oakland at the Mt Fresh Pavilion
*INTO THE WOODS; musical theatre in the barn at Ridgeview Valley
*Wine and Beer Tasting on Saturday with A Touch of Class Limousines
*Maryland Symphony Orchestra Saturday at the Wisp
*Town of Friendsville 250th Anniversary Celebration – Fiddle and Banjo Contest Saturday
*Mountain Fresh Farmers Market Saturday in Oakland
*INTO THE WOODS; Musical Theatre in the Barn at Ridgeview Valley

There is live music all weekend at The Honi Bar, Harbor Bar, Black Bear Tavern, the Boardwalk and the MoonShadow Cafe.

Have an awesome weekend from your friends at

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Deep Creek Lake Boater Safety During Busy Season

Ready for the sun filled, exciting time of your life, a busy lake season at Deep Creek? Better know your boater safety, and where the pedestrian crosswalks are. Too many times, I’ve seen on water and by road mishaps, which could easily have been avoided. Being aware of not only what you are doing, but others around you, can make this summer a safe and fun one.

boater-safety-deep-creek-lakeI remember taking my boater safety course. It was held at our local college in a room with about thirty other eager individuals. Ages ranged in the class. Although I took it many years ago, I remember seeing what I figured was a younger teenager next to a thirty something adult. The boater safety class was an eight hour course that you could break up into two days, or there was a second option to basically spend the day there. I of course spent the day there. Wow, not only am I surprised I had the attention span for eight hours, but I also passed my first time!

There are different state laws concerning what boater’s courses or qualifications you need to have, in order to operate a boat on any Maryland waterway. Being able to take the course online has made it much easier for fellow boaters. Not only have I heard the course takes a shorter amount of time, but if you fail to pass the first time, it will be far easier to take again. If I were to have failed it when there was no online classes offered, I would have had to wait till the next time it was being held, which wasn’t very often.

When looking into getting your boater’s safety certification, check out this site. Once you take and pass the course, you never have to take it again. The link above pertains to Maryland. So if your reading this, and need your boaters license for another state, please go back to the main page and type in the correct state. This program is a three easy stepper.

  1. Step One: read the boater safety study the material.
  2. Step Two: (take a practice test first if you would like), take the test and pay the $29.50, then print out a card that can be used the same day.
  3. Step Three: in two to three weeks, you get mailed a shiny new card to keep with you when boating.

Since I already have mine, I can’t 100% tell you how this online site works, once past the first page. However, if looks count for anything, this page is very professionally done. I know there is a “grandfathered age” where they do not require you to even take this test, but how is that safe. If with age comes wisdom, I hope these individuals will take the course, to freshen up if nothing else. To be honest, I feel like it should be treated as a passport. Every ten years it should be mandatory to re-take the boaters course. It’s not that expensive and I know I would feel better if everyone on the lake knew, or had at least some idea, of what they are doing on the lake. I’m saying this as a person who wouldn’t mind freshening up on the info myself.

Now let’s briefly talk about pedestrian crosswalks. We have all most likely been on both sides of this issue. Funny how we get annoyed when driving, and having to stop for people walking. We then also get annoyed, when trying to walk, and it seems like the cars won’t stop for us. They “the man” tried to help by stating that pedestrians always have the right away when in a crosswalk designated area. Most of these suggestions are common sense, but I’ve learned not everyone has that, so take a look at this site. Please don’t worry, there is no way to find out who actually went to this site. Your secret will be Safe with us!

Please take note of where the crosswalks in Deep Creek Lake are located. One is by High Mountain Sports and Brenda’s Pizzeria. There are flashing lights when pedestrians, wanting to cross, push a button. Also this same type of system is used at Pizzeria Uno’s and Arrowhead Market. I know only two that are on the main 219 stretches. There is however a bike/walking path along the road which helps. If you need to cross at any other junction, please be careful and heed the rules listed on the pedestrian safety tips site.

Most people think about safety and having a good time in two different categories. Getting a little older and I’d like to think a little wiser; the two really do go hand in hand. People may make fun of how long it takes me to go to really any function in any situation. However, that extra 15 minutes I take to make sure I have my sunscreen, my bug spray, an extra towel or maybe a sweatshirt just in case it gets colder… really pays off. So I may treat everyone like my child, but its only because I care. So be safe on the lake and when crossing the busy road. I want your summer experience to be so amazing that you want to come back before next summer!

Deep Creek Lake Fireworks

Deep Creek Lake FireworksBe there, or be sad! It’s here, the fourth of July. That means it’s time for Deep Creek Lake Fireworks! Where did June go? I have no idea. I do know what you’re thinking; where are the Deep Creek fireworks, and how do I make sure I see them? Well have no fear, living here most of my life, I think I can help you out with this one.

Of course, Deep Creek Lake has an over the top extravaganza of fireworks, that will have you oohing and aweing. This year, like many past, it is held on July 4th at Wisp’s tubing park. So if you want to sit under the fireworks, there is the wisp parking lot. However, this is not the most ideal viewing. If you can find your way to the top of Wisp Mountain, you can see a pretty cool view of the fireworks overtop of Deep Creek Lake.

I will say, the best area is on the lake, in a boat. Though, there are a few cons to this option, which I didn’t think about until I was on a boat, needed to use the bathroom, and was trying to leave. After arriving early to get a prime spot (it will be crammed boat to boat), and a few adult beverages, in which I got that special urge to use the bathroom, sadly on a boat which didn’t have a lower compartment with such a facility, I simply couldn’t hold it any longer. I finally asked a friend, so how does one take a leak around here? Looking over to their right, “see that bucket?” Yeah that’s right, a bucket, don’t forget you can’t even jump in the lake to pee, that’s how many boats we are talking about. Lucky me, right? All I can say, is thank the Lord it was only number one. The other dilemma was leaving, after the Deep Creek Lake fireworks. So, already you have to get there before dark. Since the fireworks start at dark, you are talking two to three hours early. Then the real chaos begins! You have the best placement right in the middle of the lake, but now you have to wait until all the other boats around you are gone. So long story short, if on a boat this year, try to stay on the outskirts of the pack! Don’t forget toilet paper, and a bucket as well.

The deck space on Smiley’s Pizzeria is a prime viewing area, if you have kids, or need to eat. Just remember, in order to do this, you must be buying food or drinks. This is not a “free” spot to watch the fireworks. You may even want to call in ahead, to hold a spot for your party, if they will let you. You could also use the same idea for the Black Bear Tavern. Also, the parking lot areas, across from the Wisp tubing area.

Personally, I have parked alongside the 219 scenic stop area, which is basically across from the tubing area. This is a great place if you have folding chairs, and an older crew. Obviously, you don’t want to have a bunch of young kids near the main highway. The earlier, the better spot you will have, so bring your snacks, and bring some activities to make sure you have prime viewing of the fireworks.

4th of July at Deep Creek LakeA little worried that it will be too crowded at the lake for you and your crew? How about going to Broadford State Park, in Oakland, the day before July 4th.  At the state park on July 3rd, there will also be music before the fireworks at 7:30 pm at pavilion #1. Join the Garrett Community Concert band and the Garrett Choral Society for classic patriotic music. A perfect, bring your chairs and snacks, and enjoy music and fireworks fourth of July evening. Available at the park, is an amazing playground and walking track.

Have a safe and fun holiday! A few things to remember this Fourth of July: where ever you go to watch the fireworks this year, go early, don’t get stuck in the middle of the lake, and bring snacks! Remember, if you choose to have adult beverages, the cops will be out there doing their job. Bring a designated driver or don’t drink.

Do you know of some other awesome places to watch the fireworks around the Deep Creek Lake area? Share them with us by leaving a comment below. Have a happy and safe 4th of July celebration everyone!

Sunscreen Equals Survival

I’m not sure about those reading, but sunscreen and I, are thick as thieves. I just showed my age a little there, didn’t I. I have a very pale complexion and when not sun screened, I burn and peel, end of story.

The weather has turned nice here at Deep Creek Lake, and thus the reason for the topic. I found this site, very to the point and informative. Basically it points out that shorter uvb (ultraviolet b rays) and longer uva (ultraviolet a rays) are both damaging, and you should limit yourself to sun exposure. Longer waves mean deeper tissue damage, and you may not feel it at the time. Just because you can’t feel the burn, doesn’t mean you’re not getting scorched.

Most know, they don’t like to get sunburned. It’s painful, un-attractive, and even makes a mess, as you shed damaged skin cells. I know my love for sunscreen came from my father. He too is sensitive to the sun. His father had skin cancer infecting his nose, most likely due to sun exposure. To treat it, an entire block of skin had to be removed. I like to think this is why my dad was so adamant on keeping me safe from the sun. Dad, your time applying sunscreen has paid off! I might even be worse with my daughter Mya, than he was with me. Just the other day, I put sunscreen on before we went for a drive. If the sun is out, you can count on both my daughter and I, smelling like sunscreen.

Lets put light to the questions surrounding sunscreen confusion. What do the numbers on our sunscreen bottles really mean? What other ways can we protect ourselves? What is the best sun screen on the market? Also what about those who don’t use sunscreen, because they tan, just what are they doing to their skin?

ultra defense sunscreenYou may want to take a look at this site about how stuff works. So there is some valuable reason for the numbers on sunscreen bottles. However, according to the site above, the percentage of actual sun protection is a little deceiving, after SPF 30. How they test the values is very interesting, but because there are so many variables in human tissue, it’s not 100% exact science. So pretty much, I’m right to be paranoid.  Even yet, being as being paranoid as I am, I still get the occasional burn, caused by missing a spot of skin, while applying sunscreen. So even though you think you can go all day with SPF 70, needing to only apply once, you are wrong my friend. What I gathered is, re-apply  SPF 30 every two hours of sun exposure,

Every two hours, am I crazy? Ok calm down lazy,  in case you zoned out, there is another solution, or two. Without even researching on the Internet, here are a few things I have done. Rash guards, sunhats, also complete shade, provided by an umbrella. Rash guards are commonly used by those doing water sports. These shirts are a mesh material, with built in SPF protection. They are much lighter than wearing a shirt, and dry easily after being wet. Although most wake boarders, water skiers, tubers, kayakers and other water sport individuals found in Deep Creek Lake use these tops to protect against tissue damage due to impact with the water, anyone who is smart will, to protect against tissue damage from the sun!

How does she know so much about this? Glad you asked, I worked at High Mountain Sports here at Deep Creek for a few years. So if you have any more questions, or would like to buy one, please check them out. Let them know you heard about them from here, they may even give you a high five! They also have sunhats, and other summer goodies, beyond adventure sport gear. As far as being in the shade, this is an obvious way to keep from getting sunburned, but somehow seems to be forgotten. When going to the beach at Herrington Manor, it’s always good to bring an umbrella for some shade. Especially for the most crucial hours of sun, which is 10 am to 4 pm, according to most websites.

I’m not sure there is a best sunscreen. There is however, many options. Something that might work for me, may give you a rash. It really is a trial and error sort of deal. I know I’ve tried generic, and it works but maybe not as long as the “name brand”. Which is fine for two reasons. One, being you don’t plan on being out that long, two you don’t have sensitive skin like mine, that needs sunscreen every two hours.

I’ve honestly tried most everything at this point. These are my top picks for adults, and my top picks for kids. Currently, I am using Ultra Defense Banana Boat UVA/UVB protection, with aloe vera, as well as water resistance, for up to 80 minutes. Reading the back label it also says its dermatologist tested, oil and fragrance free. So if you have sensitive skin like mine, this is the best bang for the buck! Check out their site and order now!

water babies sunscreenThey even have a men’s line. Others to look into: Neutrogena, Neiva, Hawaiian Tropic, and the generic brand called Equate. Currently for Mya, I use Coppertone Water Babies, lotion spray SPF 50. The only thing I will say is, I will be switching to their full lotion. When spraying the sunscreen, it’s extremely cold so she makes me spray it in my hands first. It ends up taking even longer than just normal lotion. Good news, the lotion is less expensive. For her, I also you a sunscreen stick, with a SPF 70, to cover her face. It’s a good habit to apply sunscreen after your morning bath, or shower. You can get it everywhere and if you’re like us, we would be applying lotion at this point regardless. With Mya, we also try to keep a sunhat on her while outside, along with her sunglasses.

As far as those, cough cough, moms not wearing any SPF, it’s foolish. True, not everyone is affected the same way from the sun. However, sun is sun. Putting off its harmful rays, aging everyone, and causing skin cancer. So the next time your putting baby oil on to look “savage” while you lay out, just take a moment and think of your alligator skin, and possible skin cancer. White is the new tan, take that summer society. I am as pasty white as one can be, and I love it! My skin is that of an early twenty year old, and I’m not in my twenties anymore!

Who Has the Best Friday Night Entertainment?

Cast your vote for which bar you think provides the better entertainment for Friday night at Deep Creek Lake, MD.

online poll by Opinion Stage

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"Another Bird" - The Birds of Western MD

“Momma, another bird!” my two year old daughter cries out, as a loud “THUD” rattles the house. That’s right, our new house, finished only four short months ago, seems to be a bird killing machine. We only wanted to have a few bird feeders, so Mya could have some “eye candy” while gazing outside. Needless to say, moving them a little further from the house, has helped a little. So no rabbit hole this time, it’s straight into the bird’s nest.

This is where my mind took this scenario. What kinds of birds are in the Western Maryland / Deep Creek Lake area? What kind of food are they after? Why are they hitting our windows, even after moving the feeders away from the house? How do I get them to stop hitting the windows, I know domesticated cats take a toll on bird populations, but houses?

Basically, there was no go to site to find the answers to all my questions, at least that I could find. Next step, what are the bird species of Western Maryland. Thus, our flight to the nest, seems to be taking off. Literally go to any search engine, and type in birds in Western Maryland. There are 436 species documented, with new species being added from time to time. I’d love to give you a breakdown on what they are, but sorry, no momma has time for that!

Next step, is to research some of the Western MD birds, I have personally seen on our feeders. Pleated woodpeckers, trying to give me a heart attack, pecking at our house. Baltimore Orioles, blue-jays, cardinals, and yellow finches. Watching my daughter look through the wrong end of the binoculars, at these birds, on a daily basis, is the cutest thing ever.

Baltimore Oriole MD birdBaltimore Orioles, I remember the baseball game I went to, mainly because of the oriole’s mascot. Now I know, that it actually goes deeper. George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, was a 17th-century nobleman, whose coat of arms used the same colors. Learn more about the Baltimore Oriole here.

Such a beautiful bird, I’ve always been a fan of its bright orange color. Which oddly enough, is one of the items you can use to entice this bird, oranges. The also like jellies. The site listed above, also goes into great detail, about their mating rituals, as well as migration patterns.

bird of MD blue-jayBlue-Jays, sound a little like that friend we all have. You know, that friend that says they are a vegetarian, yet eats a few things, not on that menu. The friend that says they don’t like being in big groups, and then tend to pop up, amidst a big group. Reading about the blue-jay is interesting, at least from this site. It says they tend to be vegetarian, that is, other than a few beetles and grasshoppers, I think you see the trend. Like I said, we all have that friend and more often than not, they are beautiful, just like the blue jay!


Cardinal bird in MarylandBest site ever, for learning about this fun bird, which can be found in Western MD. That’s right, fun cardinal bird’s school projects. What an educational and fun way to learn about this bird. Please visit this site. Basically it explains why this particular bird could run into our windows. It states that these birds are very territorial. So much so, that they have been spotted fighting their own reflections. Another cool fact, the men are the brightly colored red, where the females have a muted coloring. I find it the opposite in humans, but I could be biased, I am a female.

Bird of MD - Yellow Finch

Yellow finches, all I can do is stare. It’s like watching the sun in flight. These birds, with a truly all vegetarian diet, can be easily stressed out. The site below suggested, viewing them from a distance. My two cents would be, leave all wildlife alone. The only reason to touch a wild thing is if it’s in danger, and you’re either putting it out of its misery, or you can take it to someone who can help it. Find out more about yellow finches here.


MD pleated woodpecker

Where to start, with the Pileated woodpecker? After digging around, I found a few things. This site is very informative and easily navigated. So I have to admit, I wanted some idea about how long we would be co-existing with this bird. The longest known record, as of yet, was a 12 year and eleven month old pileated woodpecker. So, I’m feeling pretty good about outlasting the one in our area. It states they stay in pairs, but I’m pretty sure this one is a lone ranger. It mentioned homeowners not being very keen on them, due to the fact that they like dead wood. Guess what, the site is right. Also, it said a big part of their diet is ants. Guess who has ants right now? This girl! Wow, this research is really starting to make sense of things.

Dear birdies, why do you slam into my windows? Is life really that bad for a bird, and that’s the only way out? So, I had somewhat of an idea, it also helped that I asked this question via my Facebook status. Basically, the birds do not see through our transparent windows. Also, it said that some see their reflection, kind of like the cardinal I mentioned earlier. I love all my friends and family on Facebook, but you tell me what you think of their suggestions. Leave the window open, put streamers on the outside of your windows, and put decals on the windows. The even more ridiculous ones, I blocked out of my mind. Yes, I love these beautiful animals as much as the next normal person. No I’m not willing to make our new home, look like a carnival ride. I will however tell you, what has helped tremendously. Put screens in your windows. The bird deaths have gone way down since we have done this!

What to do about all the feathery smears, the birds leave on your windows? Sorry 409, sorry Windex, and other window cleaners on the market. Click this site to make your own cleaner! Also, please let me know how it works. I’m already made fun of for being cheap. Although, this may not be the most educational experience you have today, I hope it was a fun one! Fly high my friends, and until my daughter naps again, be well.


photo credit: Steve took it via photopin cc
photo credit: Eric Bégin via photopin cc
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Pollen "Fun" - Check the PollenCast!

As my eyes itch, reaching the point where I must take out my contacts, and switch my glasses, I wonder if there is a way to prepare myself in advance. Just like a weather forecast, there is also a pollen count. View the local pollencast here.

amount of pollen

This site proved so informative, I spent several hours indulging, getting lost down the rabbit hole. The why and when, and how to prevent and treat allergies. The why, for the most part, we all know. Its pollen from the trees and grasses in the area. Its all but inevitable, if your body is sensitive to any air bourn substances, you might as well get allergy medicine ready for your Christmas stocking stuffers.

I’ve learned that pollen doesn’t wait till spring; it all depends on the length of the day. This makes sense, when you really think about it. Winter has shorter days, and everyone seems to be fine. I’m sure the freezing cold temperature in Deep Creek, helps as well.

This pollen calendar is very in-depth. I assume this is someone’s full time job. There are two reasons I’ve come to that conclusion. First, it’s very broken down, at least for a wooded area, like Western Maryland. Deep Creek is home to trees, grasses, and weeds. Right now, as spring slowly starts to break through the ice, activity amongst weeds and grasses is low. Deep Creek has a mix of both conifers and deciduous trees; oak, pine, and hickory, which can bring the pollen count into moderate territory, during early spring. The second reason I think someone has this as a full time job, is the fact that it says they don’t have reports for the weekends and holidays!

pollen calendar

According to the experts, there are over 20 ways to stop seasonal allergies. Some of these seemed a little ridiculous, to me personally. To save you the aggravation, and time, I will share the four I find very helpful. Wearing a mask, washing your hair at night, keeping your sinuses clean, and get HEPA filtration. I know what you’re thinking…wearing a mask, really? This is recommended, for high pollen days, when you do yard work, or gardening. Also, what’s been on my mind, is getting my flower beds done. The current pollen forecast is calling for high Thursday, but if know the Deep Creek area, if you have a nice day you take it! So thank you, the face mask advice, it will be taken.

pollen in deep creek lake mdWashing your hair at night is genius, how I’ve never thought of this before, is beyond me. Think about the day you just had. Then think of the day your hair had, (sorry to any bald men or women this doesn’t really apply to you). I know what clothes smell like after going to a smoke filled bar. All those pollen spores, just sitting on your head, held in by your hair, eventually making their way into your nostrils. I think we all can agree, this is smart.

Nasal saline sprays irrigate the sinuses. Something can’t build up, if it’s cleaned regularly. My fiancé, love him dearly, the man has more bathroom products than me. One of which, I was confused by, was a collection of saline rinses. I had a hunch he was smart, he did after all pick a great women to spend the rest of his waking days with, though I see now, he’s not OCD, he just knows how to keep himself healthy.

HEPA, not a sexually transmitted disease, just wanted to get that out there, is very important for all homeowners, when building, or moving into an existing home. Having an air conditioning unit, with built in HEPA filtration, is the most effective way to remove unwanted allergens from inside air.

However, if central air is not an option, try free-standing air cleaners in key rooms; such as the bedroom or kitchen. I would say not to rub it in, but I am, we have an environmental air changer, with built in HEPA filtration. I am glad I fell down this rabbit hole, because HEPA functions best, with fresh filters, replaced every three months. Check out Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging, a helpful local business for all things home related to heating, cooling, and saving you money on your electric bill.

To leave you with treating your allergies, it really comes down to you. Are you one to swallow a pill for every little thing? Or are you more like me? Not only do I wait till I’m so itchy and watery, that I can barely read the labels on this so called, allergy miracles bottle, I also like to whine a little. Letting it get so bad, makes me remember how good I had it. I’m also big on cheap, and refuse to spend money, just to get a name brand pill.

Please know, I have no doctorate, Heck, I only took four college courses. I am practically a stay at home mom, with an adorable two year old princess. I hope to bring you down more rabbit holes, in the future. Heaven knows during nap time, I have some crazy things going through my head, and no one to share them with. Till our next adventure, stay sneeze free my friends.

7 fun things to do in Deep Creek Lake on a rainy day

Deep Creek Lake Rainy DayYou’ve planned the ultimate weekend get away and reserved a house right on the lake! Everyone has packed their swimsuits and is looking forward to boating, tubing, wakeboard, fishing, jet skiing and hangout out in the sun. You finally reach you destination and mother nature has no mercy. It turns out the weather forecast has taken a shift and you might as well kiss your days of sunshine goodbye. Ugh! Now what?

Here are 7 fun things to do in Deep Creek Lake on a rainy day.

1) Smiley’s Fun Zone at The Fort

Smiley’s is a great place to take the family or spend time with your friends. While you may not get to enjoy their fun outdoor activities, you can get your excitement indoors with laser-tag, indoor bumper cars, video games, prizes, and more. Smiley’s Fun Zone is a part of Smiley’s Pizzeria, so you don’t even have to go far for your fill of good pizza. That is why Smiley’s makes out list of fun things to do in Deep Creek Lake on a rainy day.

2) Deep Creek Lake’s FunLand

While FunLand has some fun things to do outside, such as go-carts and mini-golf, they also have a lot to offer indoors. Whether you have children, or you’re a kid a heart, everyone can have a good time enjoying the arcade at FunLand. Meet your rivals on the air hockey table for a nice friendly competition or try your luck at winning tickets to redeem for some cool prizes. I have to say, one of my favorite games at FunLand is the digital jump rope game… Trust me, it’s harder than it looks. But if you can mater the timing and consider yourself a good jumper, this game can win you some big time tickets.

3) Swimming and Fitness at The C.A.R.C.

The C.A.R.C. (Community Aquatic & Recreation Center) is a fairly new facility to the Deep Creek Lake Area. The C.A.R.C. has memberships available as well as non-member day passes. At the CARC, you can enjoy a swim in the pool, a few hours in the gymnasium, or work on your summer body in the fitness center.

4) A Day at The Spa

There are a handful of places that you can spend a few hours in complete relaxation mode. After all, if you ask us, that is what vacation is all about! Massage at the Lake Day Spa has salon and spa services, offering everything you need for a full day of beauty and relaxation. If you’re staying at the Wisp Resort Hotel, you may want to check out The Sewickley Spa located in the Wisp Resort. While the Sewickley spa does not offer salon services, it’s always nice to get a full body massage and walk just a few floors back to your room for a nice post massage nap. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and out of the norm from what you’re used to, try out the Haley Farm Retreat Center. Better yet, you could plan a whole weekend relaxation retreat.

5) Catch A Movie

If you want to watch one of the latest movie releases, you really don’t have much other choice than to grab your friends or family and head to Garrett 8 Cinemas. Can you guess how many theaters they have? What is better on a rainy day then spending the evening in front of the big screen with a tub of extra buttery popcorn, a large free-refill soda, and some M&M’s (or whatever candy you’re into).

6) Bar Hopping (If you’re of age, of course)

While you won’t find quite as many bars in Deep Creek Lake Maryland as you will in your typical vacation hot spots, we have a few that are worth stopping by for a drink (or three). First, let’s talk about Mountain State Brewing Company (MSBC). Having worked there myself in the past, and it still being one of my favorite places to date, has to tell you something. If you don’t love this place for their locally in-house brews (in which case, you probably have bigger issues), you will be sure to fall for either their hand-tossed pizza, cozy and inviting atmosphere, friendly and laid-back staff or the entertainment they provide with live music & games. Next, we will mention The Boardwalk, or “The Round Bar” as the locals like to call it. This lakefront bar’s view is tough to compete with. This is a great place to visit by boat and relax out on the deck during the day, or sit around the circle shaped bar in the evening. And who can forget about the Honi-Honi Bar? This has always seemed like a vacationers favorite. Located on the water right next to Uno Chicago Grill and across the street from Garrett 8 Cinemas, the Honi-Honi is sure to be a good time. Check them out for scheduled live music and events. What about Black Bear Tavern? Ah yes, the good ole’ “BBT” as we call it. Black Bear brings in some pretty large crowds from time-to-time and has a second “club” section, which is really the only “club-like” facility in the heart of Deep Creek Lake. The club is typically only open on weekends or for special events, but the main bar is nice for a slightly more mellow crowd. Be sure to check them out and learn about their Wing Night specials!

7) Stay in!

This one may seem a bit odd to include considering you usually take a vacation and try to cram as many things into one weekend or week as humanly possible. Well, if you’re one of the lucky vacationers who has rented a beautiful house on the lake or if you’re staying in a nice bed & breakfast, you may want to consider staying in on a rainy day to enjoy the accommodations. Many of the rental properties in Deep Creek Lake come equipped with a hot tub, have board games, TVs and more. We suggest getting together we your friends and family and taking advantage of your temporary living space while the weather is in the ruins. Plus we are big fans of game nights.

Do you have more ideas for things to do in Deep Creek Lake when it’s raining? Leave your comments below!