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Whether you're local to the area, own a vacation home in Deep Creek Lake, or you're just visiting for the weekend, you can find fun activities around Deep Creek Lake and surrounding areas here.

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    Theatre on the Lake

    The TOTL Theatre Company is always dedicated to producing the highest quality productions for the community. Since it’s founding in 2006, TOTL has produced over 50 productions for Garrett Co. MD and the surrounding areas. Over the years, TOTL has provided youth camps, commissions for original works, summer internships for young actors, and salaried work for local performers. TOTL highly values their fundamental philosophy that theatre, and all of the performing arts for that matter, have the power to shape and improve the quality of life in a community. While the US economy continues to forecast a potentially dismal time for arts, the TOTL Theatre Company chooses to weather the situation by “staying the course” it elected in 2006.
    For more information, to see the summer season lineup, and to buy tickets, please visit