7 fun things to do in Deep Creek Lake on a rainy day

Deep Creek Lake Rainy DayYou’ve planned the ultimate weekend get away and reserved a house right on the lake! Everyone has packed their swimsuits and is looking forward to boating, tubing, wakeboard, fishing, jet skiing and hangout out in the sun. You finally reach you destination and mother nature has no mercy. It turns out the weather forecast has taken a shift and you might as well kiss your days of sunshine goodbye. Ugh! Now what?

Here are 7 fun things to do in Deep Creek Lake on a rainy day.

1) Smiley’s Fun Zone at The Fort

Smiley’s is a great place to take the family or spend time with your friends. While you may not get to enjoy their fun outdoor activities, you can get your excitement indoors with laser-tag, indoor bumper cars, video games, prizes, and more. Smiley’s Fun Zone is a part of Smiley’s Pizzeria, so you don’t even have to go far for your fill of good pizza. That is why Smiley’s makes out list of fun things to do in Deep Creek Lake on a rainy day.

2) Deep Creek Lake’s FunLand

While FunLand has some fun things to do outside, such as go-carts and mini-golf, they also have a lot to offer indoors. Whether you have children, or you’re a kid a heart, everyone can have a good time enjoying the arcade at FunLand. Meet your rivals on the air hockey table for a nice friendly competition or try your luck at winning tickets to redeem for some cool prizes. I have to say, one of my favorite games at FunLand is the digital jump rope game… Trust me, it’s harder than it looks. But if you can mater the timing and consider yourself a good jumper, this game can win you some big time tickets.

3) Swimming and Fitness at The C.A.R.C.

The C.A.R.C. (Community Aquatic & Recreation Center) is a fairly new facility to the Deep Creek Lake Area. The C.A.R.C. has memberships available as well as non-member day passes. At the CARC, you can enjoy a swim in the pool, a few hours in the gymnasium, or work on your summer body in the fitness center.

4) A Day at The Spa

There are a handful of places that you can spend a few hours in complete relaxation mode. After all, if you ask us, that is what vacation is all about! Massage at the Lake Day Spa has salon and spa services, offering everything you need for a full day of beauty and relaxation. If you’re staying at the Wisp Resort Hotel, you may want to check out The Sewickley Spa located in the Wisp Resort. While the Sewickley spa does not offer salon services, it’s always nice to get a full body massage and walk just a few floors back to your room for a nice post massage nap. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and out of the norm from what you’re used to, try out the Haley Farm Retreat Center. Better yet, you could plan a whole weekend relaxation retreat.

5) Catch A Movie

If you want to watch one of the latest movie releases, you really don’t have much other choice than to grab your friends or family and head to Garrett 8 Cinemas. Can you guess how many theaters they have? What is better on a rainy day then spending the evening in front of the big screen with a tub of extra buttery popcorn, a large free-refill soda, and some M&M’s (or whatever candy you’re into).

6) Bar Hopping (If you’re of age, of course)

While you won’t find quite as many bars in Deep Creek Lake Maryland as you will in your typical vacation hot spots, we have a few that are worth stopping by for a drink (or three). First, let’s talk about Mountain State Brewing Company (MSBC). Having worked there myself in the past, and it still being one of my favorite places to date, has to tell you something. If you don’t love this place for their locally in-house brews (in which case, you probably have bigger issues), you will be sure to fall for either their hand-tossed pizza, cozy and inviting atmosphere, friendly and laid-back staff or the entertainment they provide with live music & games. Next, we will mention The Boardwalk, or “The Round Bar” as the locals like to call it. This lakefront bar’s view is tough to compete with. This is a great place to visit by boat and relax out on the deck during the day, or sit around the circle shaped bar in the evening. And who can forget about the Honi-Honi Bar? This has always seemed like a vacationers favorite. Located on the water right next to Uno Chicago Grill and across the street from Garrett 8 Cinemas, the Honi-Honi is sure to be a good time. Check them out for scheduled live music and events. What about Black Bear Tavern? Ah yes, the good ole’ “BBT” as we call it. Black Bear brings in some pretty large crowds from time-to-time and has a second “club” section, which is really the only “club-like” facility in the heart of Deep Creek Lake. The club is typically only open on weekends or for special events, but the main bar is nice for a slightly more mellow crowd. Be sure to check them out and learn about their Wing Night specials!

7) Stay in!

This one may seem a bit odd to include considering you usually take a vacation and try to cram as many things into one weekend or week as humanly possible. Well, if you’re one of the lucky vacationers who has rented a beautiful house on the lake or if you’re staying in a nice bed & breakfast, you may want to consider staying in on a rainy day to enjoy the accommodations. Many of the rental properties in Deep Creek Lake come equipped with a hot tub, have board games, TVs and more. We suggest getting together we your friends and family and taking advantage of your temporary living space while the weather is in the ruins. Plus we are big fans of game nights.

Do you have more ideas for things to do in Deep Creek Lake when it’s raining? Leave your comments below!

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