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Deep Creek Lake Fireworks

Deep Creek Lake FireworksBe there, or be sad! It’s here, the fourth of July. That means it’s time for Deep Creek Lake Fireworks! Where did June go? I have no idea. I do know what you’re thinking; where are the Deep Creek fireworks, and how do I make sure I see them? Well have no fear, living here most of my life, I think I can help you out with this one.

Of course, Deep Creek Lake has an over the top extravaganza of fireworks, that will have you oohing and aweing. This year, like many past, it is held on July 4th at Wisp’s tubing park. So if you want to sit under the fireworks, there is the wisp parking lot. However, this is not the most ideal viewing. If you can find your way to the top of Wisp Mountain, you can see a pretty cool view of the fireworks overtop of Deep Creek Lake.

I will say, the best area is on the lake, in a boat. Though, there are a few cons to this option, which I didn’t think about until I was on a boat, needed to use the bathroom, and was trying to leave. After arriving early to get a prime spot (it will be crammed boat to boat), and a few adult beverages, in which I got that special urge to use the bathroom, sadly on a boat which didn’t have a lower compartment with such a facility, I simply couldn’t hold it any longer. I finally asked a friend, so how does one take a leak around here? Looking over to their right, “see that bucket?” Yeah that’s right, a bucket, don’t forget you can’t even jump in the lake to pee, that’s how many boats we are talking about. Lucky me, right? All I can say, is thank the Lord it was only number one. The other dilemma was leaving, after the Deep Creek Lake fireworks. So, already you have to get there before dark. Since the fireworks start at dark, you are talking two to three hours early. Then the real chaos begins! You have the best placement right in the middle of the lake, but now you have to wait until all the other boats around you are gone. So long story short, if on a boat this year, try to stay on the outskirts of the pack! Don’t forget toilet paper, and a bucket as well.

The deck space on Smiley’s Pizzeria is a prime viewing area, if you have kids, or need to eat. Just remember, in order to do this, you must be buying food or drinks. This is not a “free” spot to watch the fireworks. You may even want to call in ahead, to hold a spot for your party, if they will let you. You could also use the same idea for the Black Bear Tavern. Also, the parking lot areas, across from the Wisp tubing area.

Personally, I have parked alongside the 219 scenic stop area, which is basically across from the tubing area. This is a great place if you have folding chairs, and an older crew. Obviously, you don’t want to have a bunch of young kids near the main highway. The earlier, the better spot you will have, so bring your snacks, and bring some activities to make sure you have prime viewing of the fireworks.

4th of July at Deep Creek LakeA little worried that it will be too crowded at the lake for you and your crew? How about going to Broadford State Park, in Oakland, the day before July 4th.  At the state park on July 3rd, there will also be music before the fireworks at 7:30 pm at pavilion #1. Join the Garrett Community Concert band and the Garrett Choral Society for classic patriotic music. A perfect, bring your chairs and snacks, and enjoy music and fireworks fourth of July evening. Available at the park, is an amazing playground and walking track.

Have a safe and fun holiday! A few things to remember this Fourth of July: where ever you go to watch the fireworks this year, go early, don’t get stuck in the middle of the lake, and bring snacks! Remember, if you choose to have adult beverages, the cops will be out there doing their job. Bring a designated driver or don’t drink.

Do you know of some other awesome places to watch the fireworks around the Deep Creek Lake area? Share them with us by leaving a comment below. Have a happy and safe 4th of July celebration everyone!